Brand New Quotes on Time Management


Our brand new quotes on time management are the best new quotes available anywhere.

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Effective time management is absolutely necessary to get what you want in life. So don’t just read these new quotes a few times, use them often and learn how to live by their unique time management principles.

The 20 Best New Quotes on Time Management

1. “In each moment of your life you are creating your future – good or bad.”

2. “Goals are dreams with time-lines.”

3. “If you lose your money, with hard work you can replace it. If you lose your spouse, with a little finesse, you can remarry. If you lose your health, with good health care, you can regain it. But lost time can never be recovered.”

4. “If you don’t manage your time, you can’t manage anything else.”

5. “Focus of mind + inspired action + targeted time = positive results.”

6. “You have to ‘spend’ time to accomplish anything in life. Just be sure you spend your time wisely.”

7. “When you spend time working to improve your systems, every hour you save is an hour you can add to your life.”

8. “Success is based on what you do, not what you plan to do someday.”

9. “Most people think of spending, wasting or killing time. Successful people think of using, saving and investing time.”

10. “When you went to school, did they offer Time Management Courses? Of course not. Instead you had to learn dates for historic battles, which is something I bet you use every day.”

11. “The time you spend laughing is heaven on earth.” (Time spent laughing is time spent with the gods. Japanese proverb)

12. “The time-tested task of taking the time to target your time offers tremendous untold treasure-treats in return.”

13. “One good project completed is worth dozens of incomplete great projects.”

14. “If you don’t choose priorities, you’ll end up doing someone else’s priorities.”

15. “Good things may come to those who wait, but great things can come to those who work for what they want.”

16. “Every great achievement requires taking the time to accomplish it.”

17. “Positive results are generally based on the amount of time you’re willing to spend on a project.”

18. “You can’t kill time without hurting yourself.”

19. “It doesn’t matter how brilliant and energetic you are. If you don’t consistently focus your time, mind and energy on a specific goal, then you can never live up to what you’re capable of.”

20. “Your time is more valuable than money. Start from there and you can accomplish miracles in your lifetime.”

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