How to Be Happy in Life and with Yourself


Do you sometimes wonder how to be happy in life and how to be happy with yourself?

Of course you do. Everybody does. And luckily for us, the one-time fuzzy picture of how to be happy is starting to clear up.

Instead of doing research on what makes people unhappy, by studying people who’ve discovered the secret to being happy, scientists are finding out how to be happy in life and how to be happy with yourself.

For one thing, the happiest people don’t try to keep up with the Jones’s.

They follow their own path, measure themselves by their own yardstick and are deeply committed to personal growth and self-development.

The Daily Dozen Steps to Being Happy in Life

You can start by accepting the radical notion that there’s nothing you have to DO or HAVE in order to BE happy. Here’s your 12-step program for how to be happy with yourself and how to be happy in your life.

1. Be responsible for your own happiness. Responsibility gives you power – power to forgive yourself and others, power to create the life you want and the power of being happy right here and now.

2. Surround yourself with people you enjoy. Studies show those who spend the most time with supportive friends are healthier and happier than those spending more time alone or with negative people.

3. Manage your thoughts to be optimistic. Optimists look for the bright side. As Winston Churchill said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

4. Avoid negative people and media news. Most media news thrives on creating fear and gossip to hook you into tuning in again. If someone or something makes you feel miserable, tune out.

5. Do work you love and love what you do. People are generally happiest when they’re doing what they do best. So find it and do it. But in the mean time, be happy with what you’re doing right now.

6. Focus on the positive in you and others. Find the benefits in everyone and everything that comes your way. Once you’re good at this you’ll be much more contented and happy at the end of each day.

7. Live a healthy life and exercise every day. Daily exercise and a healthy diet provide nutrients and natural brain chemicals that elevate your mood to give you euphoric highs that can last all day.

8. Let go of grudges, regret and resentment. An ability to easily forgive yourself and others is a happiness skill. This means giving up guilt trips, jealousies and regrets and releasing all blame.

9. Stay busily involved in projects you love. When you “lose yourself” in an absorbing activity, you’re in what’s called a state of “flow.” For sustained happiness, find what gets you into the “flow” of life.

10. Give up the need for control and approval. When you let go of drives to control the uncontrollable and gain everyone’s approval, you’re free to be happy no matter what’s going on around you.

11. Maintain a steadfast attitude of Gratitude. Studies show that talking, writing and focusing on appreciation for the people and even the smallest pleasures in your life, gives you a happiness-high.

12. Have a good sense of humor and laugh a lot. Laughter’s been shown to improve relationships and help people live longer, more satisfying lives. So learn to recover quickly from adversity and lighten up.

Now that you know the secrets to being happy, how to be happy in life and how to be happy with yourself, it’s time for you to have a happy life!

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