How to Get What You Want in Life

How to get what you want

Know how to get what you want in life? While it’s not as easy as winning the lottery, there’s still a simple way to get what you want. 

What’s more, the path to getting what you want in life is an on-going fun adventure.

And learning how to get what you want in life starts with changing your mind! Of course, achieving goals and desires requires more than just a mental overhaul. But the trip still begins with mind games.

The 7 Steps for How to Get What You Want in Life

Now’s the best time to start your journey to get what you want in life. So buckle up your mental seat belt and follow this virtual road to success.

1. Know what you want. Why state the obvious? Studies show most people don’t have specific goals. And having crystal clear written goals greatly increases your odds of getting what you want in life.

What to do: Write a list of 5 to 10 things you want. Prioritize your list and keep clarifying each desire until it really hits home.

2. Nurture your desires. Imagine the glorious end result of what you want in as much detail as possible. Forget that you haven’t already achieved your goals and focus on mentally bringing your vision to life.

What to do: Whenever possible, see it happening. Make your desire and vision stronger than your feeling of lack for not having it.

3. Believe in possibility. If you believe you can, you can. If you believe you can’t, you can’t. Shift your belief from impossible to possible by changing your thoughts from negative to positive.

What to do: First thing every morning and last thing every night visualize yourself already being, doing or having what you want. During the day affirm the possibility of achieving what you want.

4. Take inspired action. As your vision gets clearer and more positive, your intuition will kick in and start guiding and pulling you towards your desired reality. Now it’s time to get into motion.

What to do: Plan your actions by listing 5 steps for accomplishing each goal and making a daily “to do” list. Pay attention to your intuition by following your hunches and gut feelings.

5. Practice persistence. Commitment, persistence and the willingness to do whatever it takes pays off big time. So focus on your goals and keep on doing whatever’s necessary to turn them into realities.

What to do: Write down, “What personal changes do I need to make in order to achieve this goal?” Always make sure your desire is stronger than your dislike of taking action.

6. Be flexible to change. As you learn from your experience and develop your intuition, keep revisiting your goals. Change goals and strategies based on what you’ve learned.

What to do: Revise your goals monthly, making sure each one is what you really want and are willing to work for. As you grow and change, your desires will change too.

7. Enjoy and appreciate. Don’t wait ’til you reach your goals to feel good. Enjoy the journey. While your desires are manifesting, be grateful for what you have right now and make feeling good a priority.

What to do: Use the power of gratitude to get what you want. Make a daily gratitude list. Appreciation of what you have right now attracts more good things into your future.

Achieving goals and getting what you want is not difficult. Just follow these 7 steps for how to get what you want in life and keep on learning.

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