Change Your Habits to Change Your Life


It takes real guts to change your life. Especially since, in order to do it, you have to break bad habits and develop good habits.

But breaking bad habits and developing good habits CAN change your life – in a big way!

The problem is, bad habits are just so easy to start and so hard to stop. And developing good habits is still another challenge. But changing your life and habits can be done with the 7 simple steps below.

So why do we keep doing things against our best interest anyway?

Even though we know the great benefits of healthy habits – not eating junk food, not smoking and not procrastinating getting off our duffs to exercise, why is it still so hard for us to follow through?

How to Break Bad Habits and Develop Good Habits

Our brains seem to be hard-wired into instant gratification. So when it comes to chocolate vs broccoli, the pull to give in is like a magnet, making it close to impossible to care about long-term consequences.

But you CAN do it! To change your life for the better, follow these 7 steps for changing your habits and changing your life – forever!

1. Know what you want in life. Getting what you want in life starts with knowing what you want. You need inspiring goals and a strong clear vision to guide and motivate you to break bad habits, develop good habits and do the things that you don’t particularly feel like doing.

2. Work on one habit at a time. Make a list of habits that interfere with achieving your goals. Choose one – the easiest or most urgent, to begin developing new habit changing skills – one habit at a time.

3. Make a firm commitment. It takes time, focus and persistence to break bad habits and develop good habits. Commitment is being willing to do whatever it takes for however long it takes to get the results.

4. Write a step by step plan. To change habits you’ll have to make some lifestyle changes. Write out a plan listing the steps necessary to support your new habit and how you’ll deal with any obstacles.

5. Choose supportive friends. To stay on track, surround yourself with people who want what you want and friends who support your goals. A like-minded group of two or more people is a powerful thing.

6. Combine vision with action. Use your imagination and thoughts to see and affirm your new habits and the rewards those habits offer you. You have to make changes on the inside to produce lasting results on the outside. But don’t stop there. Take inspired action too.

7. Be persistent and patient. If you’re plan doesn’t work out, forgive yourself and make a new plan based on what you’ve learned. Consider all false starts as practice to get it right. Then begin again!

These seven steps will help you change your life by changing your habits. All you have to do to break bad habits and develop good habits is follow the steps and stick with it. Changing your life is worth it!

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